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Sterling Oak Baseheater #116.

Circa 1900. A solid, ornate, efficient coal and wood stove. Powerful heater.

PRICE: $3900.  

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Art Andes #200
Philips and Clark Co, Geneva, NY. 1895.

Wood-coal base burner, mica doors,
3 blue tiles, lots of shiny nickel.

Dimensions:  65HT x 30W x 36D
The very best in stoves. Call to inquire before this rare beauty is gone!

Price: $18K.  Click photos to enlarge.

Darby#22 coal stove, $2800. SOLD

from 1890 with mica windows for
3-side fire views, lots of shiny nickel trim and base. Very ornate detail. This is one very rare stove and will be going fast, so call or visit soon. 508-362-9913

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BELOW: the Side View of this stove

1900 Glenwood Oak#30, $3200
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 63HT
Glenwood Oak#20, $2900.
Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 59HT
Glenwood Oak#40, $3500.
Ornate, wood and coal.

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Glenwood Baseheater #6 & #8

$3,500,  $3,800

A large, powerful and economical heater. Great for heating a large open space area. Burns either coal or wood. Mica windows for fire view. Triangular grates. Large capacity, will easily burn 24 hours on a load of coal. A very handsome heater. Lots of nickel trim.

1905 Herald Oak #12
Taunton,Mass. Indirect back pipe,
coal/wood, very ornate and solid.  

58HT X 24W X 28D.

$2500. SOLD 

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Modern Glenwood Oak 

#12, #114, #116 & #118

$2000, $2200, $2500 & $2800

Modern Glenwood Oak #12 

Modern Glenwood Oak #14

Modern Glenwood Oak #16 

Modern Glenwood Oak #118

Circa 1908. Classic Glenwood parlor stove, burns wood & coal. Nice medium size, very popular selling stove.


1887 Barstow Orient parlor stove

$3900.  SOLD
Several different models available with different decorative tiles…ask us!

Bordered by 6 beautiful green facial tiles. Nice fireview. Lift-up door for loading wood or coal. Swing top decorative urn, lavished in nickel.
A real gem of a stove, one you're not likely to see elsewhere. 

DIMENSIONS: 36" wide, 24" deep, 50" high.

Grand Glenwood Coal  
1894 base burner


Awesome, ornate  oven top, 

3 side view  mica windows

27” Wide x 29” Deep x 65” High.

F & W Franklin Wood & Coal  

Awesome, blue tiles make this ornate classic a beautiful addition to your home! 

27” Wide x 23” Deep x 42” High.

1900 Ventiduct Windsor#16
wood+coal parlor stove
• Big mica fire view door
• Lots of shiny nickel plating
• Mint Condition

59HT x 28W x 28D

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Gem Ringgold

Buckwalter Co., PA. 1895.

Wood/coal, mica 3 sides,
full nickel stand.

55HT x 23W x 23D.


1890 Fuller & Warren


This coal burning parlor stove was built in 1890 in Troy NY. The 7 beautiful aqua blue tiles surround the art nouveau inspired design. This top of its class antique stove has a large fire pot for hours and hours of heat. Mica windows complete its classic look.

Dimensions: 29" Wide, 31 " Deep and 46" High

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